Social Innovation Tour: NYC

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Applying the learning journey approach to social innovation to inspire and empower students and executives to take action on the most pressing social issues facing our planet.

Why a tour?

Learning journeys are a type of experiential learning that involves a group of motivated individuals traveling together to a new place to gain knowledge and understanding about a particular topic: social innovation.

The itinerary is carefully planned to include visits to innovative social enterprises, meeting with entrepreneurs, activists and experts on social challenges, such as poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, and other complex problems facing society.

This method emphasizes hands-on learning and encourages participants to actively engage with the environment and the people they meet during the trip, and take part in workshops, collaborative problem-solving sessions, and prototyping exercises.

A transformative experience, empowering participants to become change-makers and innovators in their own right.

Why NY?

Beyond the glamour and the glitter of Wall Street and Broadway, lies a bustling mix of communities and cultures.

800 languages are spoken in the span of 5 boroughs and 40% of its population is foreign-born, making it one of the most diverse cities in the world.

It’s home to several international agencies, from the United Nations (including UNICEF, UNHCR…) to the World Health Organisation.

The capital of world finance and capitalism, but also the birthplace of Malcolm X, Audre Lorde, Jane Jacobs and Harvey Milk.

A city of stark contrasts, the ideal place to experience first-hand the magnitude and complexity of the challenges we’re facing.

Learn Experience Connect

Learn. Experience. Connect.

Learn – Lectures and workshops with the brightest minds studying the most pressing social issues and researching novel solutions to our times’ challenges:

  • Policy Poverty
  • Immigration
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Gender Studies and Identity
  • Accessible and Equitable Education
  • Technology and AI Ethics

Experience – Immerse yourself in a bustling creative hotspot and experience first-hand the theories and principles discussed in class:

  • Studio Museum
  • National Immigration Museum @ Ellis Island 
  • The Langston Hughes House
  • MoMA Art Lab
  • Barnard Center for Research on Women

Connect – Meet the authors, entrepreneurs and activists making change happen:

  • talk about AI Ethics and Poverty Policy with a leading Chief AI Officer
  • discuss parenting and identity with an LGBTQ+ activist and author
  • test innovative assessment methodologies to detect learning disabilities

Who is it for?

High School Seniors and College students from all fields of studies, interested in experiencing first-hand the different facets of social innovation.

What do I get our of it?

  • Be exposed to cutting edge research and learn how to apply innovative approaches and methodologies to global challenges
  • Strengthen your relational and emotional intelligence with novel perspectives
  • The chance to learn and to get involved on the causes that matter to you 
  • Discover and explore career opportunities that make a difference
  • Practice or perfect your language skills: the program is 100% in English and includes workshops, work sessions, presentations and debates

When do we leave?

  • Week 1 July 10th – 14th (departure on Jul 9th, arrival on Jul 15th)
  • Week 2 Nov TBD
  • Class: 30 participants (20 min. to start the trip)